Gleylancer Review

Developer: Masaya Games

Platforms: Switch, Playstation (Reviewed), Xbox

Genre: Shoot ‘em up

Publisher: Ratalaika Games


Gleylancer is the retro classic side-scrolling shooter that is now available on the Switch, Playstation and Xbox. It comes in at a super low $5.59 (Switch at the time of review) – $6.99 (PS store) price depending on what platform you are playing, and – $6.99 (Xbox store). 

Back in the 90s, the side-scrolling shooter was a staple amongst all consoles; Gleylancer was released on the Sega Mega Drive exclusively in Japan. It had a Wii version in 2008 and is now available on current and next-gen consoles.


Gleylancer follows the classic 2D retro space shooter style where your spaceship navigates through a host of levels while avoiding enemy ships, aliens debris and other nasty objects that will kill you instantly. One hit kills you. As you progress through each level, you collect powers that will transform you from a single shooter to a twin and ultimately a triple shooter spaceship. Your ship shoots a single beam along the x-axis; however, your two supplementary shooters can be rotated 360 degrees to allow you to hit enemies in all directions. There are a plethora of power-ups to pick up that will adjust your playstyle.


Design-wise it compromises the classic side-scrolling levels of a 2D retro platformer but has all the action and mayhem of a shooter. The visuals have that classic 2D feel. The game follows the standard shooter level design whereby you navigate sections and gain powers up as you go along until you encounter a final boss who will require some more shooter skills. Control and game mechanics are simple but lots of fun, the game feels responsive. You feel in total control of your ship as you navigate levels.

Modern-day updates include the ability to rewind, save the state and load the state of the game. The rewind features allow you to replay any point that you may die at, this will happen often; this is very useful due to the difficulty of the game and probably is the only way to finish the game! If you don’t use the rewind feature, this game reminds you of the super arcade games with limited continues. If you want a challenge, try it without the rewind feature.


Gleylancer is a wonderful throwback to 2D retro shooters. The game plays awesomely well. It’s easy to pick up and play. The modern-day updates include the ability to rewind and save the game. It’s lots of fun and is cheap to buy ($5.59 Switch, $6.99 PS store & $6.99 Xb), well worth the purchase.

Overall: 8/10

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