Fimbul Review

Developer: Zaxis

Platforms: PlayStation 4 (Reviewed), Xbox One, Switch, PC

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie

Published by: Wild River Games


Are you a Fan of the Nordic era? So Midgard needs your help! To do that you will be playing the game as Kveldulver or “Ulf”, an old Viking that is making his way to Jötunheim to fulfill his destiny and to reclaim an old artifact that can save the nine realm.

It is going to be hard to talk about this game without saying some small spoilers… because, unfortunately, the game is VERY small. Even though I will try to explain the game as well as I can without spoiling anything to you guys.

At the very beginning of the game, Sigra (a female Giant… actually a Juton, Jutons are a race of giants older than the gods themselves) gives you an amulet called Ymnefir, which is the KEY FOR RAGNAROK! Your mission is to hide it and forget about it. A few years later your brother who envies your relationship with your father (Just like Loki and Thor) wants to put an end on your life, but what he didn´t know is that the three sisters are protecting your life string until you fulfill your destiny which I cannot talk about it hahaha (Spoilers), that´s when the game basically stars and that’s as far as I can tell without ruining the experience for you.


There aren´t many commands, they may seem complex at first but they are very easy-to-learn, basically: switch weapon, strong attack, defend, roll and specials… However, don´t you worry about memorizing them because they are displayed on the right bottom corner of your screen all the time.

The fights are very easy to go through, every time you hit somebody, that guy goes a few inches back, setting you and him aside from the others, so all you have to do is keep hitting until he dies, and if you get hit, you can regenerate your life almost all the time, all you need is to hit someone 5 times and run to use your ability to regain life.  While we´re on the subject, boss fights are all very slow and quite easy. Don´t get me wrong! They are funny to play but definitely not challenging.

Combo Points: They are used for your Special abilities, like Health banner, execute and ground smash.  Careful not to waste it! Because you need a foe to retrieve them (The points don´t disappear with time, so you can save them for times you need).

Keep in mind that the Axes, shields and helmets break! Some weapons cause more damage against a specific type of equipment (For example Axe > Shield). Tip: Don´t press the throwing/aim button unless you want to say goodbye to your spear, that command doesn’t have a cancelation action, so if you press it… bye bye spear.

The game has a sort of choice making for you to do, my tip is to be yourself when making those decisions and I guarantee that the game will be more satisfying for you at the end.


The game graphics reminded me of the old Atari Games, like “Flashback” but with a completely new camera system which changes according to the part of the scenario you are. One thing that deserves attention is the scenario, they are outstanding! In addition, the cut scenes are also awesome, they look just like a comic book (which I love), and if you miss a conversation or just want to read it again, the comic cut scenes have the ‘‘roll’’ up screen option.

Enemy’s bodies and destroyed items disappear very fast, that makes the game more light and gives a better flow.

Something that is very cool is that EVERYTHING you equip stays visible on your character.

Soundtrack: It fits perfectly with the game´s atmosphere, definitely one of the strongest points of this game.


Now let’s go though some tips:

Pay attention to the LOADING screens, they have some very good tips for you.

If you see something on the floor that you need (like a helmet), go and get it asap, because the enemies can get it before you.

IMPORTANT TIP: When playing this game on PS4 and you´re in a boss fight, whenever you see a ‘red circle’, that doesn’t mean that you have to press the red circle on you control, that only means that is the perfect time to you strike the boss and do a HUGE damage to him.


For Ps4 players I can guarantee that this game is a VERY easy platinum to get.

Fimbul is not a very challenging game in my opinion, this game would be PERFECT for a small platform, like Psp or PsVita, it might work better on the Nintendo Switch or by being a comic book. The game has a heavy history content for those who are not 100% familiar with the Nordic Mythology.  However, a small research about Nordic history, clearly explained more about some stuff, which is very cool. For example, who are those three witches at the beginning? What is Yggdrasil?!?!?

Btw: Ash Yggdrasil” Yggdrasil (from Old Norse Yggdrasill) is an immense mythical tree that plays a central role in Norse cosmology, where it connects the Nine Worlds.

-The three sisters (Moiras) live, They control the mother thread of life of every mortal from birth to death.(Both gods and men had to submit to them).

Overall: 4/10


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