Far Cry 6 Review

Developer: Ubisoft Toronto

Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5(Reviewed), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S

Genre: First-person shooter, Action-adventure

Publisher: Ubisoft


Far Cry 6 is an open-world adventure based in Yara, a beautiful tropical paradise, under the iron fist of current president Antón Castillo played by Giancarlo Esposito. You (Dani Rojas) are thrown into the deep end trying to escape the military and police forces of Yara. There is a revolution in the air; you and your guerrilla comrades are ready to fight off Antón Castillo and his evil forces.

Far Cry 6 just extends the current format and gameplay style of Far Cry games. If you are new to Far Cry, it’s a huge open world that you play the majority of the time in the first person. You can craft upgrades by collecting resources and upgrading your arsenal as you progress through the game. It’s very much a first-person shooter where you have a host of vehicles and horseback to navigate the world.


If you have played previous versions, you can see this is an update to the last version with a new storyline and area (Yara) to explore. The game must be thought of as a mercenary style game where you slowly do tasks: take over checkpoints, sabotage the enemy, rob supplies etc… to gain influence over Yara and the inhabitants. It’s a massive (I don’t think this does it justice) open world that is stunning. You will take pictures and stop to admire the views during the game. It just looks superb, and every time I play, I notice new things. Yara is a tropical paradise that consists of a set of islands with volcanoes, mountains, jungles and beaches. Each aspect of the terrain and surroundings is captured in stunning detail with the addition of animals, the army and police to greet you at every corner.

Ubisoft has done a fantastic job with presentation, menus and general navigation in the game. They understand Far Cry and the little tweaks like quick travel all over the map-reduce the grind of travelling this huge map. The game is polished and has the refinements you expect from a series that has been around for so long.


The world is chaotic, action-packed and just mayhem at times. The game runs at dynamic 4K at 60 FPS. The story deals with themes of oppression, nationalism, freedom and authoritarianism. There is a close link to Yara and South American countries and their struggles. This is ubiquitous in the game. The game has a focus on revolutions and days gone by. The main story does capture these themes as well as the struggle of the people. The voice acting and acting is fantastic; it helps drive the story along. The gameplay is more a mercenary style where you play as you see fit to accomplish missions. There is a dichotomy between gameplay and the story. The story tries to paint Antón as a conflicted leader in parts with his son by his side. However, the vast amount of people suffering under his tyranny doesn’t tally with any sympathy for Antón.

The game is fun, the explosions, the helicopters and just all-out action are fun. The game doesn’t push the envelope in terms of new game-play or new game mechanics, it does Far Cry and first-person shooters fantastically well.


Far Cry 6 is extremely enjoyable; there is a lot to do in the world in between the main missions and plentiful side missions. If you have played Far Cry before, you may think this is more of the same. The world and narrative are done well, the ruthless dictator, good versus bad and lots of missions to expand the story. The game is chaotic fun. The crafting isn’t overburdening for me which is great; I picked the majority of resources while doing missions and gaining control of the island. There is repetition in taking over key elements from the army but the sheer amount of missions help to break up the repetition of side missions. The game isn’t groundbreaking; you have seen all of this done before but, it’s great fun with an easy learning curve, you are in and doing missions within a few minutes of starting the game that should be applauded.

Overall: 7.5/10

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