Exit the Gungeon: Hello to Arms Reloads Review

Developer: Dodge Roll, Singlecore Games

Platforms: Apple Arcade, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox Series X (Reviwed) |S 

Genre: Action, Adventure

Publisher: Devolver Digital


Exit the Gungeon (gun-themed dungeon) is the “all hell breaks out” dungeon shooter from Devolver Digital. It’s a high paced and manic shooter that requires some serious reflexes and some quick thinking too. It’s a rogue-like but more of a bullet hell kind of game. It’s a throwback to old school arcade shooters.


Exit the Gungeon is a retro-style arcade shooter where you have to survive levels of enemies trying to kill you. The important parts from the gameplay apart from shooting the guns you get throughout each dungeon is using roll and jump mechanics. Jump and roll mechanics give you invincibility whilst in the air, this game requires you to roll and jump to navigate through bullets. It’s easier than it sounds! You start the game with the blanks that clear the screen of enemy fire.


The addition of arsenal mode allows you to store weapons as you play and allows you to cycle through them in-game.


This game is a hectic arcade shooter you will love or hate. You will die a lot when you start off but once you get used to the mechanics, you will find the game lots of fun. I’m new to Exit the Gungeon and the first few hours were frustrating, to say the least. I’m a huge fan of arcade shooters and I enjoy rogue-likes even though I suck at them. This game will give you tons of hours of fun or regret, or equal measures of both. It’s all out and hella-fun.

Overall: 7/10






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