Dude, Where Is My Beer? Review

Developer: Arik Zurabian, Edo Brenes

Platforms: Mac, PC (Reviewed) 

Genre: Adventure

Publisher: Arik Zurabian


Dude, Where Is My Beer? (DWIMB?) is a throwback to the fantastic genre of point and click adventure games, this is reminiscent of some of the classics from Lucas Arts and Sierra. The game follows the journey of a man looking for a pilsner in a world gone mad of craft beer and snobby hipster nonsense all set in Oslo. 


DWIMB? is beautifully crafted in a cartoony hipster art style, the world has a fantastic comic feel as well. The world of Oslo and its inhabitants bring this game to life, characters give the sense this is a living breathing place as you journey through it. The character design has a great hipster vibe with the personality being brought to the fore through dialogue. The only thing lacking is the lack of voice dialogue but this is understandable considering it’s a small team building this game. The themes of hipsters, beer and Oslo in terms of level design and gameplay is superb and even the use of fonts adds to themes as well. The superb soundtrack and music bring different scenes and areas to life. I loved the metal bar in particular with the metal music and metal fans in the bar.

It’s been a while since I played a point and click adventure, I used to play games like Monkey Island and Sam & Max, this game did evoke memories of both. With any point and click adventure, you will have to set actions and the use of dialogue to understand how to achieve your objective of getting a pilsner. The menu system and short keys make the game easy to pick up and play. Controlling and interacting with the world is smooth and effortless. 


The gameplay is complemented by great wit and a fantastic sense of humour, I would have loved to hear the characters being voiced as well but maybe in the future. Each character you interact with has their unique personality and their dialogue brings them to life. Their dialogue and what they say will help you in our ultimate goal.

As you progress through Oslo you will pick up items and clues that will help you along the way, the game has lots of puzzles and problem solving required to progress. The game also pokes fun at the genre point and click adventure which is present throughout. 


The game is beautiful from the moment you get off the bus until you search for that elusive pilsner. You meet and speak to a host of wonderfully created characters who give the world a sense of meaning. The elements of the point and click adventure are all there with a great soundtrack to boot. The mixture of puzzles and game design making for a challenging game. The only thing I would like to see in future versions would be some voice acting otherwise I enjoyed playing this stylish and fun game.

Overall: 8/10 


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