Dream Daddy #3 Review

Written By: Leighton Gray, Vernon Shaw
Artist: Jarrett Williams
Colorist: Jeremy Lawson
Lettering By: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Cover artist: Kris Anka
Published By: Oni Press

The Coffee Spoon, Maple Bay’s answer to Starbucks, has hit a dry spell as of late as fewer and fewer customers grace its’ doorstep. Café owner Mat, with the help of some of the Bay’s best known single Dads, have gathered together to create a catchy advert to pull in the crowd. But with many creative differences, will they be able to pull it off as well as keep harmony within the group?

Another issue and another datatable Dad is introduced, well they all show up really. All in the name of helping out the local coffee shop drum up some more business. Now that is a very positive and helpful community residing in the Maple Bay area. In this issue we learn just how quirky Mat is, having gotten some spare time now seeing as his clientele is twiddling, he begins practising the theremin. Known as an electronic musical instrument, it requires the user to move their hand between the metal antennas to create a high pitched sound. You can hear it being used in the opening sequence to Star Trek: The Original Series show. A unique instrument for a very unique individual.


‘Bad Dad’ Robert puts himself forward to direct the new commercial advertising ‘The Coffee Spoon’. With the help of many of the very available to date Dads on the street, Amanda is also roped into it. With so many people part of this project, they can not seem to all agree on a simple plan for the shoot. Evidently after many failed attempts of acting, filming, creating sets and simply feeding the crew, Mat has had enough! Will this spell the end of Maple Bay’s most beloved coffee shop?

This comic series is adapted from the PC dating sim game, Dream Daddy created by YouTube duo Game Grumps. Released with three covers, Cover A is by Kris Anka showcasing Mat taking a very hot looking selfie, as he appears in a tank top. Beautifully drawn as well as giving us the awkward, out of focus look of his forearm as he holds out his phone/camera. The artist has a keen eye for detail indeed. Cover B is from Jarrett Williams and Jeremy Lawson, which shows what Mat wanted his commercial to look like, with Robert behind the camera. The art style used in this image, carries on throughout the comic. So from this cover, you know the quality of illustrations you’ll get from the rest of the issue.


Altogether a good short read. You do get to see how the iconic characters from the game interact with one another when working on this commercial. Like myself, who has never played the game or have even watched any playthroughs of it yet on YouTube, newcomers will be lost with this comic series. You need the background information and ideally would also need to be a fan of the franchise to fully enjoy this comic adaption. It is currently available each month in stores and online, with #3 out now.

Overall: 7/10


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