Deadbolt: A.I. Private Eye Kickstarter Launched

Deadbolt, A.I. Private eye is a pulp noir science fiction detective comic series about Deadbolt, a robotic private eye, living in Our Lady of the Angels — a retro-futuristic metropolis where humans and robots live together in turmoil.

It’s an iconic blending of classic 1940s noir film tropes (fedoras, femme fatales, seedy nightclubs, dark alleyways, labyrinthian crime plots) and retro futuristic philosophical science fiction (steam-powered robots, dystopian cities, mind-bending philosophical themes) that is both an action-packed detective story and an existential exploration of what it means to be alive.


Nature Boy is to be a 4 part miniseries about one of Deadbolt’s cases. In the first volume of Nature Boy, a 36 page perfect-bound comic, we follow Deadbolt as he is hired by the Unicorp Central Police Department to solve a case that involves four suitcases full of human body parts.

Who do the body parts belong to? Who’s the killer? As Deadbolt investigates, he starts to uncover a vast conspiracy that involves an underground math equation drug ring, a robotic femme fatale working as a “Simulation Girl” at Club Exogenesis, and a connection to his distant past as a war machine for the military during “The Big One.”


This Kickstarter is to fund the printing and distribution of the first issue of the Nature Boy mini-series. Nature Boy Volume 1 is a 36-page, perfect bound comic with a full color cover and black and white pages. The book was created over the course of about a year from April 2016 to June 2017 with a story and script by D.A. Price, art by Guillermo Villarreal, and letters by Toben Racicot. The book is printed and ready to ship.

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