Brownie Cove Express – Sweden Trailer

Brownie Cove Express to debut at Sweden Game Conference Later this Month

Captivating narrative experience from upcoming industry sweethearts Sand Gardeners to premiere as part of popular Swedish Conference.


London, United Kingdom     Oct 15, 2018,
Upcoming experimental-narrative developer duo, Sand Gardeners, are to showcase Brownie Cove Express during the upcoming Sweden Game Conference in Skövde on October 17-19
Pack your bags and board the Brownie Cove Express, an upcoming, haunted collage adventure game about trains, snow, ghosts and memories. Both captivating and unnerving Brownie Cove Express delves into the dark mysteries behind the series’ central Brownie Cove Hotel through conversations with passengers aboard the titular train. It is to be the developer’s first feature-length product and exists within the same universe as Between Stations — which recently won praise while featuring in the Leftfield Collection at Gamer Network’s EGX 2018,


–    6 deep and intriguing characters, each with 3 playful vignettes of backstory to explore
–    A 4-5 hour story told in a memorable, expanding universe
–    Trains, snow, ghosts and memories
–    Where does this train go? And why did they do that to us?
About Sand Gardeners:
Sand Gardeners is a team of two young developers, working internationally, united by love and weirdness. The team have worked together to create over 6 digital experiences, all loosely connected within the Brownie Cove Ludic Universe.

Brownie Cove Express is to be their first feature length production with a target release for the chilly months of 2019.
About Sweden Games Conference:
Sweden Game Arena is happy to welcome Sand Gardeners at the IndieCator corner this year to showcase Brownie Cove Express, their atmospheric game about trains, snow, ghosts, and memories. Thanks to its unconventional mechanics that explore the curiosity of learning a story, we feel Brownie Cove Express is an excellent fit for this year’s Sweden Game Conference theme, Politics & Games.

Game Site:
Twitter: @sandgardeners {@browniecove|@zephyrraine}


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