Written By: C. Spike Trotman
Artist: Drew Green
Colorist: Reed Black
Lettering By: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Cover Artist: Kris Anka
Published By: Oni Press


The Maple Bay school science fair is tomorrow and both Joseph and Brian’s’ children have both left their projects to the last minute. Each father is as competitive as the other, and although they have the best intentions for their children, things quickly start to get out of hand. As the kids are forced to hide in the library away from their out of control fathers, Daisy, Christian and Christie are forced to take drastic action in order to get their voices heard.

Back again with Issue 4 and we have both the grizzly looking man-bear Brian and local Youth Minister Joseph competing against one another. All of this, not so friendly competition, is focussed around making sure their kids out proform everyone in the school. Unfortunately it all has a negative effect on their children, by pushing the more elaborate projects on their kids as well as the added stress of living up to their very high expectations. It’s parenting to the extreme in this issue!


Existing fans of both the creators Game Grumps and their sim based dating game – Dream Daddy, will once again love this latest issue. To me though, I found it difficult to connect with the series, but this issue is certainly better than the last. Bringing to life one of the worst nightmares a child will have, trying to live up to a loved ones high expectations. Hoping not to stand out too much in school and of course, not get in trouble when it comes to young Daisy.

Issue 4 can be found very easily on the shelves as its’ front cover is certainly captivating. Created by Kris Anka, we see both Brian and Joseph go head to head as they show off their creations. With Joseph pouring a vile of some mysterious fluid over the open skull of a long decapitated human head, that seems to have been bolted together. Brian on the opposite side, is holding what seems to be a dark creature of the sea depths. In the background, you can see Joseph’s twins and Brian’s’ daughter look on in frustration at their parents.


The Digital Edition is a very interesting cover, and reminds me a lot of the style used in Steven Universe and The Amazing World of Gumball. In this scene we see Joseph and Brian go head to head in the boxing ring, as the twins and Daisy act as referees. This Digital Cover is by Drew Green, who continues his artwork in the issue.

Altogether a somewhat enjoyable issue, like I said earlier it is more aimed at existing fans of the franchise. If you are wondering when the next issue will be out, Issue #5 will be out both physically and digitally on December 19th. Which looks like it will be bringing us a tale of Dungeon and Dragons, with the cast of Maple Bay.

Overall: 7/10