Artifact One #0 Review

Writer: J.T. Krul, Vince Hernandez

Artist: Romina Moranelli

Lettering: Dezi Sienty

Cover: Romina Moranelli

Publisher: Aspen Comics




There’s one thing that everyone knows about Aspen Comics: they’re going to be beautiful. It’s become an expectation and the company delivers on the regular, just as they have done so again in this intro issue of Artifact One. Aspen should be supremely happy they have found another dreamy artist in Romina Moranelli. Her art is lovely, and the colors are vibrant neons. The images nail the otherwordly vibe while still being somewhat familiar, as do the depictions of the characters themselves. There were a few times that the perspective or anatomy seemed a bit off, but they were not that big of deals to me. Visually, the comic is stunning.


I wasn’t as blown away by the story, but I was certainly intrigued. The new world created here is both utopian and dystopian all in one. It looks like a paradise, but there are hints and outright punches in the face, of dastardly schemes and evil oppression. Remi is a likable hero and there’s promise of some sass in there, though I wish she had come across a little stronger. Still, it’s very early, and this is just a zero issue, so I’m eager to see more of her and the setting. The story has a lot of potential and overall, this was a really decent intro.


Now, I do wish the text was a little stronger. On the first couple pages, it was so tiny that I had to squint to read it. Later, there were some errors with capitalization, or it might have been the font. Either way, it was distracting, but I wouldn’t use this as a reason not to check out Artifact One.

Overall: 8/10


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