Author: Louise Pentland

Publisher: Zaffre

Format: Hardback Book

Genre: Fiction, Motherhood, Love & Romance

Release Date: 29th June 2017


Robin Wilde is a single mum to her six year old daughter, as well as apart time makeup artist, who lives in her grandmothers old cottage. Everyday she strives to raise her little girl with enough love and support, in spite of not being in the ‘ideal’ family unit. Robin however knows the bitter sting of The Emptiness hangs in the background, and she is longing to meet someone to have adult conversations with (and, hopefully, some adult fun). She is guided along the way by her childhood friend, and encouraged to get into the online dating scene. There, Robin will meet a variety of men, perhaps even her Mr Right! An indepth, heart-fluttering and inspiring debut novel from Louise Pentland, widely known from her Sprinkle of Glitter channel on YouTube.

There was no holding back in this novel, no sugar coating of the unfortunate events of Robins lovelife, no glossing over the downfall of a failed relationship and certainly no door closed when it came to telling the story of Robin’s battle with loneliness. Numerous times I have put the book down, just so I could take a moment to fully take in the words; to imagine the uphill battle Robin faces time and time again, and audibly cheer every time luck looks her way. I began reading this book thinking this poor girl, I hope she finds Mr Right, but I finished the book concluding that she doesn’t need Mr Right to make her happy. She does all she can for her daughter, and is focused on changing her life around. The ending was perfect, but I do look forward to the next installment.

This book is about Robin’s journey, and is certainly a rollercoaster of emotions, highs, lows and surprising little turns. None more so than the character that is Robin’s six year old daughter, Lyla, a cheery little girl, who loves talking to fairies but is shy amongst other children. Her heart is as big as they come and she idolises her mother. It is clear that she is source of Robin’s strength. This child has an entirely different view of the world around her, and takes pleasure from the simplest things. Robin is left on her own at the weekends, due to a shared custody order over her daughter, and as such The Emptiness creeps back in. Battling against this and the exclusion she feels amongst the other school mums, certainly paints a real picture of a common everyday life experienced by many people. Additionally, the inclusion of Robin’s kooky Aunt Kath is a breath of fresh air.

Wilde Like Me

Robin has a number of battles to face throughout this first outing, with dating being the main one. You have to catch a few stinkers before you hook a Prince! She also faces a tough decision when it comes to her job and the numerous run-ins she has with a fellow school mum. All that and trying her best to raise a confident and caring little girl.

Louise Pentland grew up in Northampton in England, and started a blog called Sprinkle of Glitter back in 2009. Having accumulated a large following of over 100,000+ followers, she started up her YouTube channel under the same name in 2010, with over 2.6 Million Subscribers at the time of writing. Here she uploads content on fashion, beauty, motivational and advice videos, as well as collaberations with other YouTubers. She has recently split her channel in two, with lifestyle vlogs now featured on her Sprinkle of Chatter channel. She has even branched out into doing a live tour back in 2014, as well as joining up with a clothing line – Simply Be. She has since turned her attention to writing her debut novel, Wilde Like Me. I am happy to report that she has since announced that she will be following this up with a second novel in the near future. This book is available in all good bookstores and online now, and make sure to check out all her social media links below!


Overall: 10/10