New comic book pits discontented women in a bloody war against their male oppressors.

In a time when bigotry is celebrated and misogyny has become legitimized, a group of women led by a charismatic philanthropist with political ambitions band together to wage war on the patriarchy. When a moral dilemma causes one of the oldest members of the group to go into hiding, her young protege, an ardent believer in their violent feminist code, takes it upon herself to uncover the truth behind her mentor’s betrayal.

The new comic book POPOVA, a revenge fantasy in the vein of Inglorious Basterds, explores the idea of reversing society’s gender stereotypes by depicting women in the role of the aggressor. According to co-creator Dre Torres, “Historically, men have used violence to oppress women. The characters in our book simply decided to fight fire with fire. They don’t protest, they don’t campaign. They kill.”

POPOVA was written and created by Dre Torres and Alex Valdes, a New York / Miami based filmmaking duo best known for their feature-length documentary THE LAST TAINO. The book features stylish black & white artwork by Yasmin Liang (STAR TREK, STEED AND MRS. PEEL), and variant cover art by Amancay Nahuelpan (CLANDESTINO, YOUNG TERRORISTS). 

popova #1

POPOVA #1 is currently available for purchase at