Mad Mimic Interactive has announced that its 2D castle defense game, No Heroes Here, is set to officially launch October 3 on the Steam store. The game was named to The PAX 10 list at the recently held PAX West 2017 show in Seattle, Wash, which recognizes the ten best Indie games at the event based on gameplay and overall fun-factor.

Mad Mimic also revealed that No Heroes Here has added a new single-player mode since its PAX debut to compliment the game’s original multiplayer co-op mode for two-to-four players.

Console gamers will soon be able to enjoy No Heroes Here as well-the game will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch platforms in the first quarter of 2018.

No Heroes Here 2

No Heroes Here is a 2D co-op and single-player game (both online and local) for 1 to 4 players mixing Castle Defense with crafting and platform elements, all in a beautiful Pixel Art style.

The Kingdom of Noobland is at war and its heroes are gone. With the death of the last hero, it’s up to the non-heroes to save the Kingdom! Teamwork is key as players must cooperate to craft ammunition, load cannons, and fire upon hordes of enemies to defend castles all across the land. The frantic co-op play is the kind of experience that either builds friendships or crushes them!

No Heroes Here is the first game produced and developed by Mad Mimic Interactive. The Indie game will release for PC and Mac in October 2017 on Steam, and will come to other platforms in the future.

Visit the official No Heroes Here website at for more information about the game.

Or add No Heroes Here to your wish list on Steam: No Heroes Here Steam page

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Mad Mimic Interactive is an Indie game developer based in São Paulo, Brazil. The studio was founded by passionate gamers who set out to prove that it was possible to actually work, survive, and thrive pursuing their dreams. Through their games, Mad Mimic strives to share all the great feelings they experienced while turning their dreams into reality. (Well, except maybe the insane crunches throughout development…) For more information about the studio, please visit