Los Angeles, CA (July 3, 2017) – Los Angeles-based game developer Melessthanthree released a Combat Analysis video for their stylish action-RPG L U C A H as part of their Kickstarter campaign for the game. The video breaks down L U C A H’s rich weave of interconnected systems to showcase the potential for player expression and mastery that the game’s combat promises. L U C A H, now in its final week on Kickstarter, has already achieved critical acclaim and has raised most of its funding goal.

 Set in a surreal dreamscape of oppressive rituals and torment, L U C A H challenges players to survive the onslaught of nightmare manifestations by mastering a deep and flashy combat system. Players will utilize customizable Mantras and Familiars to string together devastating combos and lay waste to Nightmares with a kinetic flurry of beautiful action.

L U C A H’s interconnected world is thick with atmosphere and tension. A unique hand-drawn art style creates a surreal ambiguity that derives from Silent Hill 2’s use of distance fog. This ambiguity lends the game an emotional potency that digs deep into the player’s mind by inviting them to project their thoughts and insecurities onto the gameworld.

L U C A H, now in its last days on Kickstarter, seeks funding with a goal of $20,000, and currently sits near 80% of that goal. Backer rewards include early access, art books, and opportunities to influence the game’s development. L U C A H’s Kickstarter campaign ends on July 9th, and promises an rich story set in foreboding world filled with flashy combat.

For further information, or to pledge to the campaign, please visit the campaign site. Those interested in playing L U C A H can play a free demo on itch.io.