New trailer reveals that sci-fi adventure ‘Elea’ launches on September 6

The surreal space journey will be available for Xbox One and Steam

Rotterdam, The Netherlands – August 13, 2018 – The first episode of surreal sci-fi adventure Elea will launch into the galaxy on the 6th of September. Elea is coming to Xbox One and Steam and is already available for pre-order on Xbox One.

Kyodai, the developer of Elea, got the inspiration for the game’s narrative from the books of classic sci-fi writers such as Stanislaw Lem, Arthur C. Clarke and Frank Herbert. Being big fans of story-driven first person games, they asked themselves at the early stages of development what innovation Elea could offer to the genre besides its unique and touching story.

They noticed that many first person adventures offer just one main distinct location, with one specific visual style. Inspired by their love of old-school platformer games, they decided to take a completely different approach for Elea. In classic platformer games the environments can vary from a lava level to a snow level, followed by a jungle level for example. The developers wanted to give Elea this same incredible variety in surroundings, to make it feel like an enormous journey through time and space.


A rising star
Elea already launched into Early Access on Steam at the end of April. SOEDESCO’s Community Manager Marten Buijsse states: ‘’Thanks to the community’s enthusiasm and help, we have been able to finish and fine-tune the game based on their wishes and good advice. We are now confident that we can present Elea in its best form for the full release on Xbox One and Steam’’.

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About Kyodai
Kyodai ltd. is a small Bulgarian game development studio, founded in 2016 by Ivaylo Koralsky and Todor Todorov. Translated from Japanese Kyodai means “brothers” – which fully describes their working and personal relationships inside the company. The first game by the team is the ambitious sci-fi first-person adventure Elea.