Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna space walks onto Steam today

Save humanity from extinction in the space stations and wilds of a desolate lunar landscape

Hoofddorp, the Netherlands – September 28th 2018 – Independent studio KeokeN Interactive’s gripping sci-fi narrative-exploration adventure Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna is out now on Steam for $19.99 / €19.99 / £19.99.

Since raising €103,770 on Kickstarter in 2016, Dutch brothers Koen Deetman and Paul Deetman have built a small team capable of fulfilling the cinematic and gameplay ambitions of Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna. Set on the moon in the near future, you assume the role of a lone astronaut accompanied only by a small robot, ASE, in a mission to save humanity from extinction as you piece together the events that befell a lunar colony. You’ll uncover the game’s narrative using your astronaut equipment and exploratory skills, all the while surviving the moon’s hostile atmosphere and navigating numerous environmental puzzles.

KeokeN Interactive has built a strong, timely fiction to frame your actions. Taking place in a near future where Earth’s natural resources have been depleted, the game’s lunar colony setting is under jurisdiction of the World Space Agency. Global powers created the organisation to solve the energy crisis, locating a new source of energy on the moon. Colonisation and extraction ensued until one fateful night when all communications with Earth ceased and the energy source was lost.

“We’ve always strived to create a beautiful and captivating science-fiction game and we believe Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna is just that,” said Koen Deetman, CEO and Founder at KeokeN Interactive. “Dwindling energy resources is obviously a huge issue, if not the defining issue of our time, and we wanted to explore what alternatives might look like and the difficulties they present. Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna’s lunar colony is a beautiful but harsh environment, replete with gameplay and narrative possibilities we think players will love.”


Developed in the highly acclaimed Unreal Engine 4, Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna presents a sparkling albeit distressing vision of our future. With fossil fuels burnt out on earth, you’ll experience a compelling story in which modern and futuristic research and technology are incorporated into deserts, giant space stations and abandoned settlements on the moon. As Earth’s last astronaut, it’s up to you to save humanity in a thrilling do-or-die mission.

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