American publisher Alliance Digital Media is proud to announce the upcoming release of “The Norwood Suite” by New York based developer and Jazz musician Cosmo D.

The first person adventure game brings together the weird and wonderful; set in a secluded hotel in the near future, where players can explore and uncover a world of mystery, in a surreal world teeming with strange sights and sounds and filled with art, music, and secrets of the past and present.

Hotel Norwood is filled with unusual characters, with secrets and motivations of their own. As players delve into the story of the hotel, its rooms, its guests and its staff, they collect objects and mementos that characters respond and relate to. During the non-linear experience, friends need to be distinguished from foes by listening in on conversations and uncovering the character’s individual stories and secrets. The game offers a stunning narrative with suspense waiting behind every corner.

In “The Norwood Suite”, developer and creator Cosmo D continues the path laid out by his successful freeware title “Off Peak”, released in 2015. The acclaimed cellist, known for his work in the New York electronic music group Archie Pelago, also provided the game’s original soundtrack, which acts as an integral part of the gameplay experience.

The Norwood Suite 3

“We’re excited that we’re now so close to the release of The Norwood Suite. The team is huge adventure gaming fans so this project has been a real labor of love,” said Jay Gelman, CEO at Alliance Digital Media. “The real charm of this game is in its unusual and mysterious story that we think players are going to find fascinating, as they are sent through a wonderfully strange experience with awesome music.”

“The Norwood Suite” will be released on October 2nd, 2017 on Steam.

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