Written By: Brian Micheal Bendis

Artist: Ryan Sook

Colors: Brad Anderson

Lettering By: Josh Reed

Cover artist: Ryan Sook

Publisher: DC Comics


Spoiler Warning


Brian Micheal Bendis is one of the most influential and divisive comic writers of the current generation. With his work at Marvel lauded as some of the best writing for certain characters (His work on Marvel Knights: DareDevil is exemplary, and often referred to as the best run on the character since Frank Miller), Bendis has a habit of creating characters and stories that thrill writers and grab the attention of the audience. Combined with the detailed artwork of Ryan Sook, who perfectly catches the Man Of Steel and the city of Metropolis, and the issues and series is already up there as some of the best work he’s done, thanks to his magnificent storytelling, and the vibrant, eye-catching colours used by Sook, who continues to impress.

Bendis’s telling of the “Man Of Steel” has been magnificent up to now, with his current arc focusing on Superman and his relationship with the city, especially with the arrival of new villain “Red Cloud”, as well as focusing on the lives and stories of other characters in the Superman legend This issue is no different. Finally revealing the identity of the “Red Cloud”, Bendis starts strong with a bar fight involving “The Question”, someone also on the hunt for the identity of the cloud. Focusing on “The Question” interrogating a local criminal for information (who mistakes him for Batman, no less) after an attempted deal of a H.E.R.O device (a device allowing for temporary gaining of powers), he attempts to find out the identity of Red Cloud.


Meanwhile, Clark Kent is back at the Daily Planet, talking to employee Ms Goode, who is seen showing an interest in where Lois Lane is, and the story behind where she is and why she isn’t currently around. This part falls back on the brilliant dorkishness of Clark, as well as a mention of his wife, giving readers a chance to see how strong their relationship is following on from previous issues, a major focus of Bendis’s run (although I enjoy it, it’s also become a bit of a sticking point for some fans, who find the subplot unnecessary.)

However, once Kent gets a call about a potential story regarding the Mayor putting pressure on the new Fire Chief to stop investigating a rash of suspicious fires, and with the Chief telling Kent of her suspicions, he dons the cape and tights to investigate using his alter ego.

However, before he can begin to investigate properly, he’s stopped by the cloud, leading to an intense fight between the Blue Boy Scout and Red Cloud, before a thrilling conclusion that shows the audience the best is yet to come…


The issue is great in my opinion. Its art is detailed and focused, and the story is griping and exciting. Although it would be difficult for readers unsure of the current storyline to just jump in, it is still gripping enough and interesting enough for readers, both casual and die hard alike, to dive in and continue with the series.

Action Comics #1005 continues the great run Bendis is on, and leaves the readers with a massive twist ending, leading to future events that are sure to be intriguing. Overall, I give this issue a 9/10 (It would have been a perfect score, but the lack of accessibility for new readers did cause a slight dip.)

DC’s Action Comics #1005, by Bendis and Sook, is on sale now, digitally or in your local comic store!