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Warner Bros. Pictures Summer Previews


Tammy: Melissa McCarthy is an inept criminal trying to make ends meet.

Blended:  Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore reunite once more for more comedic and romantic adventures this time in Africa.

Grace of Monaco:  Nicole Kidman and Tim Roth give the glamour of the 50’s a more darker tone in what looks to be one of the more honest biopics that we’ve seen in a while.


Interstellar: The new Christopher Nolan movie, where all is teased and nothing really revealed, but everyone that knows me will know that I’ll be there on opening day and probably a few more days after that.

Edge of Tomorrow…
I know that to some people Tom Cruise and his personal life cloud how his movies are viewed these days, but that shouldn’t be the case, for me the films have always been entertaining.  I can seperate the man from the religion, and just enjoy the movie.  So Edge of Tomorrow, based on All you Need is Kill looks like it’s going to be Groundhog Day mixed with Elysium.  All the footage here was just spot on, the action and comedy mix flowed well together, along with the desperation of the characters involved in what basically is a suicide mission.  The story that the Earth has been taken by aliens and this battle is our last stand is nothing new, but adding in the Groundhog Day element and you’ve got something that will at the very least entertain you.  Edge of Tomorrow opens at the end of May and will be high on my list of movies to view.


Godzilla (2014)
The big lizard guy is back and from the footage that we were shown the mistakes of the past Americanised version of the massive monster will not be repeated.  The human element to the picture was heavily shown here and with acting talent like they have it’s clear that thought has been put into the production.  We still didn’t get a clear look at the monster, but a brief explanation from the Director before the footage was shown did mention that final touches to the special effects was happening now.  A family is torn apart by an apparent natural disaster and then we meet them 15 years later still trying to place the pieces back together.  I’ll be checking this out mid May and keeping every finger crossed that the potential shown in the special footage is lived up to.


The slate for Warner Bros in the year ahead looks strong, but that’s not going to be hard, when you have been at the top of the game for so long these things should be a walk in the park, should be, but you’ve still got to keep people guessing and keep people coming back to fill seats, buying DVDs and Blu Rays.  The range of movies ahead seem to point that they will be able to keep everyone happy.






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