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MCM Ireland Comic Con

Last weekend saw the first ever Irish event from the MCM Comic Con juggernaut. For quite a while people were viewing this con with a huge amount of trepidation due to the fact there was very little in the way of announcements coming from them until a couple of weeks before the con. Once the started announcing guests with were given an eclectic mix of stars from TV and movies with the biggest name possibly being Warwick Davis aka Willow and Wicket from Return Of The Jedi. The amount of retailer stalls was unreal and you could have picked anything you wanted from the geek scene. The Comics Village had an interesting mix of Irish and British indie comic creators and industry stalwarts John McCrea, Glenn Fabry and Simon Bisley. To me the Comic Village interested me the most so I spent a large chunk of my time there.

The signing area for the celebrities was well played out with easy access to the stars including my favourite person of the weekend, Lyndie Greenwood from Sleepy Hollow who was an absolute sweetheart and a pleasure to speak to. I found that there was a lack of attractions at the event with only really Mainstage wrestling, a gaming area and mainstage for guests to regal the masses with tales from their careers but little else in the way of attractions. I had seen everything I wanted to see in less that an hour including queuing to get free signed photos of Eoin Macken and Alexander Vlahos from Merlin who were extremely popular with the ladies.

As with everything, there are good points and bad points. Main plus to come from the weekend was the attendance which was phenomenal with it being in the region of 10,000. There was a great buzz about the place created by the young children in attendance which led to a very relaxed atmosphere. The Comics Village was busy with creators saying they were having great weekends. The guests were very approachable and friendly (Danny Jules John was a ball of energy even when he was Speaking to fans and Simon Bisley despite being a bit under the weather on Sunday took time to speak to everyone that came within earshot and even checked out some Irish titles. The negative point are minor and could be easily remedied when MCM return next year. The main one is the lack of attractions and events. Dublin Comic Con had a great set up last year with props, attractions and events. MCM would be well served having a similar set up. Another negative was that people were unhappy about having to give back their ticket stubs when leaving the con. I have no idea why this policy was there people wanted a souvenir for the weekend and is another easy fix. All in all the weekend was a fantastic success and we now have a new con to look forward to every year.

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  1. Jim says:

    ” Once the started announcing guests with were given an eclectic mix of stars …” Ouch!

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