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Joining ComicBuzz for a chat is Kevin Logue, Managing Director of Uproar Comics, artist and all round nice guy.


Can you tell us a bit about the comics you worked on previously?

Well the main comic I worked on was “Zombies HI”,  I was pencil jockey for the first five editions until we found the awesome talent that is Ruairi Coleman and he took the reins. Before that I worked on “If Stones could Speak”, “Fear” and contributed to Stephen Downey’s “Tales Of the” website with a few of my own stories and a few pin-ups for Stephen Coffey’s “Society of the remarkable suicide”.

With Uproar we offer comic production as a service and that seen us working on a load of comics for marketing and promotion purposes for businesses.


Uproar Comics has expanded from a platform for releasing Zombies Hi to a full scale business,from running work shops to doing creative design for other companies,what made you decide to move in this direction?

The bizarre and great thing of Uproars expansion was how organically it happened, and we have to give credit to the man David Campbell from 2D Festival fame for getting started running workshops. Me personally, when I went back to third level education I was intending to become an art teacher many years ago so workshops were a natural progression, and lets not deny the truth here…they’re money makers.



Can you tell us some more about your D.E.C app you released?

That was a great experience for the whole Uproar team, we weren’t programmers or developers but we set out to make an interactive animated app and we did. We called it the D.E.C back then but we really shouldn’t have as the D.E.C – Digital Experience Comics is a new sub brand of Uproar which I can’t say too much about for a few weeks..stay tuned (always a tease I know)


You have stepped back a bit recently from doing artwork for Zombies Hi, What is your role with Uproar at the moment?

Yeah I sure did, it took me a while to accept it but I’m now a Managing Director, I’ve closed up my pencils case for the foreseeable future but still get the urge to doodle every now and again. My role in short is being a suit, meeting, tenders, invoicing, sales, distribution, supervision, task assignment, strategic planning, it doesn’t sound that exciting but I’ve grown to love the business side of comics as much as the production side.


Can you tell us about how someone can send you submissions?

Yeah of course, they can send work either directly to myself, Danny, Heather or via our submissions page. We are open to anything and surprisingly of everyone that contributed to Zombies HI over the last Two years we’ve been lucky to work with 50%or more on paid projects and even recruited some of them as full time employees, so our submissions is our application process you could say. Although we don’t want inboxs full or epic 400 pg stories, we look for shorts if your writer and 6-8 pieces of artwork if your an artist.



You recently started working with Adam Pescott who is a storyboard artist on the Game Of Thrones TV series, how did that come about?

Well about 18months ago we got contacted by this artist who was stroking our ego telling us he loved what we were doing and wanted to contribute. Himself and Danny done a 8 page story called Trash in #5 of Zombies HI and then we realised who he was. We were shocked that such talent was coming o us and to this day he’s our first right of refusal guy. We are real proud to have Adam on the Team even if its only from time to time.


What can we expect to see from you and Uproar in the future?

2013 was real quiet for us, not a lot of releases, we were bidding our time and bringing together our team, in terms of the year ahead we got, comics, new and familiar titles, games for handheld devices, apps, comic courses and some surprises planned so stay tuned folks.











  1. Danny says:

    Don’t listen to him… he lies!! haha only joking- Awesome guy and all round mad man! ;)

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