How about we get excited for this Man of Steel sequel?

How about we get excited for this Man of Steel sequel?

Superman Batman movie hi res logo 300x199 How about we get excited for this Man of Steel sequel?

Image taken from the WB panel announcement at SDCC

All of the nonsense surrounding Ben Affleck being cast as Batman appears to have died down now. At least on my newsfeed. Some people have actually been bashing me for not jumping to conclusions about Affleck being cast as Batman. I don’t think that Affleck is going to be good as Batman. I also don’t think that Affleck is going to suck as Batman. I don’t know how Affleck is going to be. Nobody does. But too many people are focusing on his casting as Batman, and they’re forgetting the most important part of all of this. That is: What’s in store provided this movie is a success.

I’m getting to the stage now where I really hope Affleck is awesome, not because he’s playing my all-time favourite comic book character, but because of what that means for the DC Universe after the Man of Steel sequel. So far, we have the amazing (but not faultless) Marvel cinematic phase one movies done and dusted. What have we seen from DC in the time that Marvel have built this up? Three Batman movies that are self-contained and unopen to any other DC Universe characters, a terrible mess of a movie in Jonah Hex and a mediocre Green Lantern movie.

What we have with this Man of Steel sequel, provided it’s successful, is a gateway to the other DC heroes living in the same universe. Marvel Disney currently hold the top spot at the box office for the superhero genre, why not DC Warner Bros.? It’s clear that DC are looking at what Marvel have done and they see the potential in starting this ball rolling. There’ll always be people who nay-say on this, saying that they’re only copying what Marvel have already done etc. etc. etc. but let’s not forget that emulating the competition in this genre is something that has been going on for YEARS in the comics world. It’s nothing new, and it doesn’t take any enjoyment of these characters away, so it shouldn’t matter in the movie world.

Not only are DC following in Marvel’s footsteps cinematically, but Marvel are following DC’s footsteps in the television realm, with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Arrow has already proven that the DC Universe is popular on TV, and from what I’ve read, this will be our introduction to The Flash. Whether or not the universe in which Arrow exists is the same as this new cinematic universe remains to be seen. But I’m all for Stephen Amell continuing into cinematic appearances, should Green Arrow creep onto the big screen for the JLA movie. If you haven’t watched Arrow yet, go and do so. The first season is finished and the second season is back on October 9th 2013. It doesn’t take the source material literally, but anything that you may have to gripe about at the beginning of the show is fixed at a later date. And there hasn’t been a disappointing episode from it in my opinion.

So, providing that this sequel to Man of Steel is a success, we will get our Justice League movie. People are way too quick to judge, basing all of their judgements on one character being cast, without looking at the possibilities that this brings provided it takes off. I mentioned before how we were quick to judge Heath Ledger when we learned of his casting as The Joker, how quickly we judged Anne Hathaway when she was cast as Catwoman. Even back in the late 80′s, there was uproar when Michael Keaton was cast as Batman.

Instead of judging, look at the bigger picture, my fellow comic book nerds and geeks. We don’t know how Affleck is going to be until we see him under the cape and cowl and in action. People thought that George Clooney would have made a great Batman. And on paper, he is. But put him under the cowl and you see that he’s not suited to the role. I may actually be in the minority here, but I thought Val Kilmer played a great Batman, he just had the rotten luck of being cast in a terrible, terrible movie!

So can we try and focus on the positive: We are building up what could be one of the greatest eras in cinematic history. Just please don’t drive it into the ground before it’s had a chance to prove you wrong.

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re into comic books and comic book movies. Learn from your past mistakes and realise that fan-casting never works out how you want it to, no matter how much you want it to. You have a better idea than what they’re doing right now? Prove it, write a script and walk into Warner Bros. and sell it to them. We can fan-cast all we want, but in the end that just leads to disappointment. Instead, keep an open mind and have faith that the characters you love will be treated with the respect they deserve. If the Man of Steel sequel turns out to be terrible, we don’t have to part with our money for it. And with that, Warner Bros. will have ruined their chances at coming close to taking Marvel’s crown. But if it’s awesome, well that might just lead to the greatest series of superhero movies ever created.

Now that’s something worth being excited for, don’t you agree?







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