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GAMEVIL unveils all-new Berserker class for Dark Avenger

LOS ANGELES, CA- August 30, 2013- GAMEVIL is proud to announce the grand update for global MORPG hit, Dark Avenger. The update features an all-new Berserker class, along with added world bosses, mesmerizing maps, and stage events.
The Berserker are descendants of the Light Warrior Tribe. Specialized in hand-to-hand combat, they use claws and scythes to rip their opponents to shreds. They have the highest base DEF of any class and can tank large amounts of damage during combat. By crushing the ground, Berserkers are able to float their enemy into the air, stunning them in their tracks. During this time, fatal aerial combos can be delivered, yielding immense damage based on precise controls.
Dark Avenger is the premier hack-n-slash dungeon crawler on mobile. The game has various game modes, including Single Player, Deathmatch, Infinity Tower, and Boss Raid. By competing in these modes each week, players collect points and climb leader boards for generous rewards and prizes. Now with 3 unique heroes to choose from, Templar, Archer, and Berserker, players can experience the game in exciting new ways like never before.
Since its launch, Dark Avenger has become a global hit, surpassing 9 million downloads worldwide and averaging over 20,000 simultaneous online users per month. The new update, featuring the all-new Berserker class and an array of new content, has raised global expectations for the title and is sure to entice new users around the world.
The iOS update featuring Berserker is set to launch in 2 weeks on App Store.
Dark Avenger is available for free on Google Play for Android devices at
on App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch at
For more details, please visit http://www.gamevil.com


  1. dfa says:

    Hey, everybody! I hope I’m not disturbing you peace with this message! Anyway, I made an ultimate mod of the latest version of Dark Avenger Android game. Enjoy the game! I don’t think you’ll ever see a public mod better, than this.


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