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“ConquerX2” Online Official Launch Today with Events and Awards for Players

Inter-Galactic Domination Begins Today; Log On and Annihilate!


Berlin, Germany – 19 July, 2013 – OnNet Europe announced today that ConquerX2, a free-to-play online space simulation game already popular in Asia, is now available for players throughout Europe. Featuring huge intergalactic empires, explosive tactical battles and research and construction capabilities, ConquerX2 allows gamers to build powerful fleets and start empires throughout the galaxy. Players can start playing now and participate in special Official Launch events and competitions to win prizes, including a Samsung Galaxy Tab, a new Samsung Galaxy S4, Amazon gift cards worth up to €100 and more!
For more information and to start playing the ConquerX2, visit: http://bit.ly/1auI9pj
“We’d like to thank our Closed Beta testers that provided great feedback to help us refine the game and add in features that our fans want”, said Kyeong Yoon, Production Director from OnNet Europe. “With ConquerX2’s success in Asia, we are now very excited to bring it to the European audience”.
In Conquer X2 each player rules as an emperor, managing the construction of their planets, building massive fleets of powerful flagships and specialized space vessels with the aim of destroying their enemies and ultimately conquering the universe.  Build up your fleets of u 12 different types of vessels and command them in strategic battles across the galaxies of space, whose weaknesses and strengths give players a host of options.


Build over 35 different types of structures and complete missions to receive additional bonuses. For those emperors who want to rule in peace, the trade system provides countless opportunities to grow and settle disputes. The intricate espionage system allows emperors to acquire secret information from their competitors.
Players can win Dark Force (in-game currency), a Samsung Galaxy Tab, a new Samsung Galaxy S4, 5 Amazon gift cards worth up to €100 and more during ConquerX2’s Official Launch events, including the Big Bang, the Aurora and a variety of other great community events!


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