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Written by Anthony Johnston.

Art by Christopher Shy.

Published by Titan Books.

The first graphic novel was a clever, effective and polished prequel to the highly regarded 1st game of Dead Space. This is more of a sidebar story but still has strong ties to the events of Issac Clarke and the USG Ishimura spacecraft.

Dead Space’s storyline and design aesthetic is quite obviously inspired by Alien and Event Horizon. Thankfully they’re both good starting points to base a game on.

Christopher Shy uses to great effect digital manipulation of photographs and the visuals have quite the cinematic sheen. Such is the filmic style, that you really wonder why it hasn’t been turned into a live-action film. The art has a suitably dark, gritty, sometimes literally dripping with atmosphere and better still looking perfectly in sync with the style of the games. The artwork is really quite good to look at.

Johnston’s plotting is like the previous book’s, fast paced and averse to being a sunny breezy read. Characters are self-absorbed and have agenda’s all their own. All willing to go to a darker place within and they do when they try to salvage a missing derelict craft.

The only gripe is that for this tale the premise is a bit too close to that of Event Horizon’s and when you are clearly inspired by something it’s best not to be too similar to it.

Despite that I’d have no problem telling anyone to pick this book up as it is a quality product and yet again shows the detail that goes into creating a game world.








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