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Super Street Fighter Volume One

Script: Ken Siu-Chong

Art: Joe Ng

Published by: Udon Entertainment


When an undercover agent goes missing, Guile gets out from behind his desk to investigate the “Secret Society”, an old criminal organization that has risen to fill the space Shadowloo has left after it was shut down. When it becomes apparent they are kidnapping “Street Fighters” he teams up with Alex to get to the bottom of things.

There has been a lot of Street Fighter media in the 25 years since Street Fighter’s been around. From all of the movies, comics and animated series very few of them managed to be of use to anyone looking to dig deeper in to the Street Fighter lore. One of the few movies that did work was 1994’s Street Fighter The Animated Movie. It didn’t bother trying to “ground” things in the real world while keeping a very simple story. When Udon Comics took over the Street Fighter comics several years ago it was clear that they were taking their inspiration from this movie, going as far as using the same “criminal organization kidnaps Street Fighter characters” plot. Not having to explain why an airforce captain can shoot “sonic booms” from his hands frees up the plot to just pit the many different characters against each other, giving this reader at least exactly what he wants.

When you pick up a comic called Street Fighter there is really one thing you should expect, and this comic doesn’t disappoint. Set between Street Fighters IV and III Super Street Fighter Volume 1 contains characters from every Capcom Street Fighter game to date, even including some from Final Fight. It recycles the old “criminal organization kidnaps characters” plot from before, with Shadowloo being swapped out for a new menace in “The Secret Society”. While this does seem lazy, at the very least you would have a hard time saying that writer Ken Siu-Chong doesn’t have a lot of respect for the Street Fighter series. And Joe Ng does a good job of presenting a comic that looks like it’s from the Street Fighter universe.

The highlights for me though are the bonus round comics, contained between issues. With each one from a different writer and artist, these range from filling in background information on specific characters to just having goofy fun. My favourite involving Hakan and E. Honda fighting over which of their styles should be added to the Olympic Games.

Okay, I should state here that I really like Street Fighter and honestly, this probably isn’t going to convert anyone else into a fan. It’s a comic full of small nods and little in-jokes that I really enjoyed, while on the surface it’s a comic about big muscley dudes who beat each other up for no reason. This is one for Street Fighter fans and I’m going to score it that way, if you’re not a fan then I’d pop two points off the number.







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