- By Michael Moore On March 4, 2013 at 1:00 pm -

Arrow Episode 16 – Dead To Rights Review 

Out of all of the episodes of Arrow we’ve gotten since last year, this week’s really stood out for all the right reasons. For instance this episode was an emotional rollercoaster for all the main characters except Felicity, toying with their stability and mentality towards one another, friendships were changed, parents were pushed away and then brought closer than ever before.


Another reason it stood out was because of it’s well choreographed fight scenes. Even from the very beginning of the episode it showed a more vicious, unmerciful Oliver, for this weeks episode we saw a more dark, brutal vigilante in Starling city and we got to see how his attitude is slightly changing with his killing policy, it hasn’t been properly addressed but it’s clear Oliver doesn’t care about killing anymore, he went from only killing whenever there was a risk of himself being killed or his identity being compromised to stabbing and putting arrows in anyone and everyone who got in his way. It’s a little disappointing to see that so early in the show, I feel they could have waited out a little longer to see how his attitude develops.


That aside, the episode was great and one of the best and interesting episodes we’ve seen.
The show is really developing to a point where more actors and actresses want in, (spoilers) i.e. Alex Kingston, who made an appearance within the last two minutes as I really enjoyed how in order to (again, spoilers) save his father, Tommy had to see his best friend revealed as the vigilante. This was exciting because of the emotion and friendship there is between Oliver and Tommy and between this and Laurel’s mother returning to Starling city it makes the viewer eager for more.








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