Superior Spiderman #2 Review

Superior Spiderman #2

Written by Dan Slot

Art by Ryan Stegman

Published by Marvel


Dan Slot continues the adventures of the new Spiderman.

Issue #2 of the Superior Spiderman starts off with Spiderman after rescuing a college, this issue was aimed at Spiderman’s morals and the choices he had to make when helping people. After the rescue, the Mayor J. Jonah Jameson personally congratulated and thanked Spiderman, and that’s when Peter’s ghost comes in to play. There’s always been conflict between The mayor and Spiderman and as soon as peter dies then J. Jonah Jameson starts thanking Spiderman. It’s another punch in the face to peter.

There were more hints being thrown at peter coming back but they were really trying to get that fact in that eventually peter will be back. Instead of one sentence mentioning it, the next issue’s storyline will be based on it, Carlie is going to investigate the switch between Spiderman and Doc Ock. In the final issues of ASM Peter told Carlie (in Doc Ock’s body) that he was really Spiderman. She never did believe him of course, until now. Fans of the Superior Spiderman should enjoy the series while it lasts, because it keeps going downhill for Doc Ock and it’s really only a matter of time before Peter’s back.

I’d like to think that Dan Slott has had all this mapped out from the beginning, and maybe this is more of a learning experience for both Spiderman and Peter, it sure seems like it anyway, with Doc Ock coming up with more practical ways of getting his daily patrol covered with robots that function from an app on his tablet. Peter admits he would have never have thought of the idea.

The part of the story with Mary Jane isn’t as creepy or disturbing as before, and as I have said, the story goes on about Spiderman’s morals, especially with Mary Jane. At the beginning “Peter” tried bringing her out on dates to try and progress with her, mainly because Doc Ock was never good with women, so he tries too hard and ends up doing things Peter would never do. This leads to Carlie’s suspicion at the end of the issue.

Overall I liked this issue more than issue one, it really feels like the story is developing more after each issue. The way the story is going isn’t looking good if you’re a fan of the series, and it’s a shame that in the second issue people suspect something has changed with Peter. It feels like the beginning of the end already.

I’m giving this issue 8/10, because of the original approach that has been taken and the catchy storyline.





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