- By Graeme Emmett On January 28, 2013 at 6:54 pm -

Deadpool #4 

Written by: Gerry Duggan & Brian Posehn

Art by: Tony Moore

Cover by: Geof Darrow

Published by: Marvel


Wade Wilson vs. Honest Abe

Of all the Marvel Now titles that have been released Deadpool has been my favourite although I have spoken of my love for Deadpool before. What sets it apart is that it is quite different to the other titles in that it is silly, violent, funny and is set at a frantic pace and is all in all just fun to read, other titles may have their merits and tell a good story but Deadpool’s brilliance is mainly found in the fun and humour found in each issue.

This is the fourth issue of the current story arc and seeing as though there are many dead presidents I was worried that the story could over stay its welcome and drag on a bit but those fears were laid to rest montage style leaving only a few more zombie presidents remaining which will surely bring the arc to a close soon, not that I want it to end but could have been in danger of lasting too long, what will be interesting though is where the issue and the character go to next and what holds in store but that is something we have to look forward to in the future that’s of course if the writers can keep up the good work. Saying that its far from a perfect and one gripe I would have and its not anything major but sometimes you feel the writers are trying to fit in too many funny moments and some of them don’t hit the mark but then again everyone has a different sense of humour but anyone with worries about style over substance in this title or humour over content and story really need not worry 4 issues in and it’s a title that really does seem to have legs.

If anything the art in the issue just adds to the humour and manages to do a good job keeping up at the frantic pace which it is set. The scenes of violent are again done really well and the characters seem a lot more expressive then those in other titles. The highlight of the artwork this issue is the Deadpool and Abe Lincoln UFC match, yes you did indeed read that right.

Overall this is another solid issue full of humour and violence which most people will enjoy and continues the titles strong start and leaves me wondering what comes next after the dead presidents are gone story line wise, not that I’m worried in the slightest I’m just going to enjoy the ride. Highlight of Deadpool #4 has to be Wade Wilson dressed up as Marilyn Monroe and flashing his junk at zombie JFK. Now go back and read that last sentence, think it over and ask yourself can you do without a comic book with a scene like that in your life? I know I can’t.


Rating 8/10






  1. Spives75 says:

    I’ve enjoyed the opening arc quite a bit, but will likely drop the title when it concludes mainly due to the apparent departure of Tony Moore as the series’ regular artist and Geof Darrow as cover artist.

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