Jatin Varma Chats to ComicBuzz Part 2

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CB: What creators should our readers keep an eye out for?

Well good stories and interesting characters will always do well, one should also keep in mind, not everyone is a dedicated fan out there, so you really need to work hard to bring in new readers.


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CB: The movies Don 2 and Agent Vinod had comic book tie-ins, how did the comic readers and the movie audience perceive them?   

I wouldn’t be in a position to speculate on sales, but as a trend I see it as great thing, it’ll only help the comics industry. And hopefully, we’ll see it working the other way around, where existing comic books are made in to films. I haven’t read Don 2, but have read Agent Vinod the comic, and it certainly was worth it. In fact I think I liked it more than the movie.

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CB:  Have digital comics started to get popular with the Indian audience?

Yes and no, as in there certainly are more people willing to read comics on their smart phones or tablets, but I don’t see it contributing a lot in terms of over all sales for a publisher as of now. It’ll certainly become bigger in the long term.


CB: In terms of the Indian audience, is there a particular genre that they prefer?

Mythology and history still captivates the Indian reader, at the same time there is a considerable number of fans out there, who wish to read stories beyond mythology and history and are quite vocal about it.

I personally feel it will take a while for publishers to come out with more contemporary stuff, but I don’t think mythology or history will ever stop.

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CB: The first Comic Con India took place in Feb ’11 could you tell me about the origins of Comic Con India?

We thought It’d be cheaper to try and organize a comic con here in India than travelling abroad to attend one! I kid of course!

It came about because the fans in us (I mean our team) really wanted to do something unique in India, we were in touch with quite a few artists and writers across the country, this was a platform sorely needed.

It took us over a year to make the first one happen, at the end of the day, we had to take a risk and invest money into creating it. It has grown tremendously, we still have a very long way to go and a lot more work to be done.

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CB: What is it like being involved in organising a Comics Convention? 

It’s a lot of work and a lot of fun at the same time.  It’s a high at the convention when you see thousands of people really enjoying themselves.


CB: What has the response been like to the Comics Conventions so far?

Its been great, beyond my wildest imaginations, We now have three events and we hope add another city to the roster soon. In the coming years, I hope it pays off in more ways with more great comics and content coming out of India, more and more people entering the industry. Lastly, I hope we really help expand the popular culture in India.


CB: Can you describe what the atmosphere has been like at the Cons?

It’s crazy in the nicest way possible, so many fans, so many cosplayers and then you see tons of people, who’d l describe as newcomers coming in to the fold, re-connecting with comics, having a lot of fun.

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CB: The last Comics Convention took place in Mumbai in Oct ’12, which city will hold the next con?

Next up is the 3rd Annual Indian Comic Con, our annual event in Delhi along with the Comic Con India Awards.

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CB: Any message for the ComicBuzz readers?

Yes keep reading comics and drop by at any of our conventions, they are completely free to attend!


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We would like to thank Jatin for dropping by ComicBuzz to Chat to us.




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