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For services to Thrill-power!

DREDD 3D star Karl Urban and director Alex Garland amongst those honoured with special 2000 AD award

2012 has been an exceptional year for 2000 AD – with the DREDD 3D movie, the comic’s 35th anniversary, our new iPad app, and critically lauded stories such as Day of Chaos and Trifecta.

But all would be for naught without 2000 AD’s legions of fans, who help spread the word of Thrill- power far and wide.

Every year the alien editor of 2000 AD, Tharg the Mighty, honours a select band of Earthlets who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in bringing the best of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic to a wider audience.

The ‘Krill Tro Thargo’ has long been the standard against which all actions are judged. Once awarded simply through 2000 AD’s letters page, they are now physical awards handed out every year to those considered worthy.

Tharg the Benevolent is very pleased to announce this year’s deserving winners:

* Alex Garland and Karl Urban for their hard work bringing a true version of Judge Dredd to the big screen and for introducing the lawman of the future to Earthlets across the globe

* Comics journalist and blogger Douglas Wolk for his work bringing the greatness of 2000 AD to Earthlets in America

* Blogger Pete Wells for his 2000 AD covers blog, which continues to delight Thrill-hungry Earthlets with its behind-the- scenes peeks into the processes of creating 2000 AD’s covers

* Wakefield Carter for being instrumental in creating and maintaining 2000 AD’s presence on the internet, as well as for the Barney online database of every 2000 AD ever published.

Matt Smith, chief editorial ‘droid’ at 2000 AD, said: “2000 AD has always been blessed with passionate and active fans who aren’t afraid to spread the word about their favourite comic book. They have promoted, supported and read the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic for 35 years and this is our way of honouring specific individuals who have gone out of their way to get the comic into the hands of others. The ‘Krill Tro Thargo’ awards are our way of simply saying ‘thank you’.”






  1. Ash says:

    Well deserved!
    Best film of the year.

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