- By Adam Messinger On August 10, 2012 at 6:31 pm -

This is itallic text that describes what pick of the week is all about. Sometimes it makes it up here and sometimes it doesn’t. Basically, if posed with the question of “What should I buy if I only had money for ONE comic?” the pick would be my answer. I can be yours too, but I hope you have more money for comics than I do. -Adam

I’ve been a fan of what Jeff Lemire’s been doing  and by 6 degrees of separation, it piqued interest in what Matt Kindt was doing.  It turns out he is writing and drawing a new ongoing series at Dark Horse called Mind MGMT. They put out a Secret Files and Origins type of book that proceeded issue 1. This week issue 2 drops. After checking out these two issues, I’m 100% stoked for Mind MGMT issue 2.

The premise is about an investigative writer who is looking for a subject for her new book.  She decides to explore an anomaly where an entire flight was stricken with amnesia and no one recovered.  As she starts to interview people, different things begin to point towards a mysterious organization.

The look of the book in an experience in and of itself. The pages around the boarder look almost like confidential documents on comic boards. The art is painted in water color and Kindt’s character have a rough look to them that gives the book a special charm.  You can tell that a lot of thought went into the presentation and over all look.  In an afterward to issue 1, Kindt states that he’s going to have a code hidden within the first six covers.  He also states about dropping hidden clues about the overall story throughout each issue.

With many small intricacies as well as an overall well-done presentation, Mind MGMT #2 beats out the rest of the books on the shelves.



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