Pick of the Week for 6/27/12

Let me just take a minute before we even start this to say…WE ARE BACK! YAY! It’s been a long month without you and I’ve missed you dearly. I’ve missed having someone around to demand the things they buy! Thank you for coming back. Anyways, let’s get into it…

Get Jiro! is novelist and celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdain’s, first graphic novel. I’m a huge fan of his show, No Reservations, as well as his book, Kitchen Confidential.  He always comes at things from a realistic and insightful perspective. I’m interested to see how this translates to the characters of his new graphic novel.  He’s also working with co-writer Joel Rose and artist, Langdon Foss. I don’t know anything, other than what I’ve read in interviews, about either of the two but the art looks nice.

The premise is about restaurants acting like gangs, and two warring gangs are after the best sushi chef.  I like sushi, and yes that does influence this decision. I’m also stoked to see how the whole restaurant angle plays out.  This has potential to be a really unique and fun action story. As you scrounge up money for your other books, you may be getting a monthly serial piece. I say hold off a week and go after this graphic novel.  To me, the plot and art make a combo that begs to be read more so than Green Lantern’s latest adventure. You’ll get a whole story that is partially from the mind of Anthony Bourdain. What are you waiting for? It’s only $25 and available at awesome comic shops and book stores. Do it.

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