Pick of the Week for 5/9/12

Paul Pope and Mike Allred have united this week to sell me on Vertigo’s newest anthology: Mystery in Space! It’s 80 pages of mature space tales. As much as I like those two, this anthology also boasts the talents of Kyle Baker, Andy Diggle, Sebastian Femura, and David Gianfelice. There are also a few talents that are unfamiliar to me, and I’m always excited to discover a new creator.  Since the anthology is titled Mystery in Space, I think it’s safe to say that it contains a bunch of sci-fi short stories. This just sounds fun. Heck, I bet even one or two of them will be the launching pad for a new Vertigo series. I get that $8 can be a hefty price to pay for a book, but for 80 pages it’ll be worth it. Trust me. Anthologies are awesome especially if they feature Paul Pope and Mike Allred.


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