Pick of the Week for 5/16/12

This is itallic text that describes what pick of the week is all about. Sometimes it makes it up here and sometimes it doesn’t. Basically, if posed with the question of “What should I buy if I only had money for ONE comic?” the pick would be my answer. I can be yours too, but I hope you have more money for comics than I do.

If you look at everything coming out this week from Image alone, there is some stiff competition. I can see at least four of them right off the top of my head have been past picks of the week. They’re all good and then some. This week, though, Image’s HELL YEAH! has me the most excited.

Andre Szymanowicz is a newer artist and he’s shown an impressive amount of growth between issues. It’ll be interesting to see how much he’s improved with this issue. Between HELL YEAH! and Glory, I’m starting to think that writer Joe Keatinge should be jailed for keeping his talents away from the world for so long. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything I’ve read from him since I’ve discovered his books earlier in the year.

HELL YEAH!’s premise of a jerk, teen superhero becoming entangled in a truly crazy situation has been entertaining. I don’t want to spoil the situation because that’s how interesting I thought it was. Normally, I don’t give a crap and try to write something selling you on the premise of the book. BUT the main character finds himself approached by three women who have some SERIOUS baggage. It has me hook, line, and sinker.

It’s worth your 2.99 and this issue even features a back-up story. Trust me, its good comics. The creators are passionate. If you don’t believe me, then read this interview I did with them for the Pro Logs. It was so good, we had to add another interview on top of it.

Some shops even got it earlier than my shop will because of a shipping error. If your shop still doesn’t get it tomorrow then go drive to a shop that has it.

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