- By Niall Doonan On March 4, 2012 at 6:19 pm -

Written by: Grace Randolph

Art by: Russell Dauterman

Colours by: Gabriel Cassata

Letters by: Steve Wands

Cover by: Alé Garza and Nei Ruffino

Published by: BOOM! Studios

Cover Price: $3.99 (USD)

It appears that the only way to describe things these days is by combining two well-known and established concepts, for example Romeo and Juliet meets Star Wars would be Saga and West Wing meets the X-Files would by Saucer Country. It doesn’t always work and I feel it lacks imagination and ignore originality. However, for Superbia, this type of description does work well.

In its most basic form, Superbia is Desperate Housewives meets the Justice League and if that doesn’t sound entertaining to you, then what will?

This first issue is simply a lot of fun, looking into the lives of the various members of the Meta Legion and their partners and family. There are funny takes on Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman among others. Some of what Grace Randolph does with these familiar tropes is more obvious and expected than others, but even the fairly predictable secret relationship that one of the characters has with their sidekick is amusing.

Sovereign (modelled on Superman) is dating a supposedly reformed super villain, just because he can, Batu (modelled on Wonder Woman) is killing pigs and being mildly sexist and there is plenty of other such fun to be had, as well as some more serious plot points as a new hero enters the Meta Legion and tries to fit in.

I should also mention how good the dialogue is, this is just one of many great lines; “Why should I listen to you when the Pope is saying the most interesting things in his sleep?”

Aside from all the fun that is contained in the script, the art team are just as accomplished. Russell Dauterman’s work is expressive and full of character and Gabriel Cassata’s colours bring a brightness and vibrancy to every page. The design of the suburb in which all the heroes live is a perfect juxtaposition of audacious and inconspicuous .There is also more male flesh on show than female, which is a welcome rarity.

Superbia is a very entertaining comic which is perfectly happy to just allow for the characters and their relationships to be introduced in an enjoyable and engaging way. The end of this issue does set-up bigger things to come, but the strength of the script and the art make me pretty sure that whatever follows will be worth reading.



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