Review: Glory #23

Written by: Joe Keatinge

Art by: Ross Campbell

Colours by: Ms, Shatia Hamilton

Letters by: Douglas E. Sherwood

Cover by: Ross Campbell

Published by: Image

Cover Price: $2.99 (USD)

As I said when I reviewed the recently revived Prophet, I am too young to remember Rob Liefeld’s initial line of Extreme comics and so have no prior knowledge approaching Glory either. I found Prophet to be very accessible and enjoyable and thankfully I think Glory is just as successful.

The premise of this series is that Glory is the child of two warring factions of an alien planet. Conceived to bring about an end to the crisis, Glory has spent her whole life training in case either side breaks the truce that has bought peace to her world. This issue begins with Glory expressing to her mother that she would like to go to Earth and fight where she is really needed.

That aside, it is really the look of the comic that made the greatest impression on me. The design of Glory is the most interesting. I do not remember seeing a female superhero type character look the way Glory looks in this comic, she is certainly different from the norm. While she is drawn as an attractive character, with her blue eyes and long white hair, Glory is also believably strong and powerful. Her muscular physique is clear and there is a greater sense that Glory could actually do the things that she does and this doesn’t often come with the way many female characters are proportioned. A splash page with Glory kicking a tank into submission while holding a severed limb encapsulates the character’s capabilities perfectly. I also love the colouring.

Rob Liefeld definitely deserves some credit for this. He created these characters and is now involved in their revival, but he is also allowing new creators to put their own mark on things. If you look at Liefeld’s variant for this issue (or if you know Liefeld’s and Campbell’s work), you will see just how much he has allowed the look of Glory to change and I very much respect that.

As the story progressed there were a couple of things that confused me; the arrival of Supreme and having to ponder just how much narrative from previous issues is being touched upon. But overall I found the story fairly easy to follow and though there seem to be some similarities with other super powered beings coming to Earth, I’m sure that once Keatinge can progress past this introductory stage, the story will evolve into new areas.

All in all Glory #23 is another successful book in the Extreme re-launch.


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