Blue Estate #9 Review

Written by Victor Kalvachev, Kosta Yanev and Andrew Osborne

Art by Victor Kalvachev, Toby Cypress, Robert Valley, Peter Nguyen and Andy Kuhn

Published by EZD Productions/Image Comics


Once again I’m faced with the challenge of writing about one of the most consistently excellent comics being published today. So much so that this is the second time I’ve started a review by saying how hard it is to review such a consistently good comic. Plus I got like a half hour of sleep last night because of my neighbour’s burglar alarm going off all night.


Even this late in the game surprises still come thick and fast (“thick and fast”? See what I’m reduced to? Jesus, that’s hacky. It’ll be “tour de force” next) and as the bodycount rises so too does the heat as all the major players begin to align leading up to issue #12’s “season one” finale. The vast web of story threads are drawing together like a big…sticky…ball of… good.


This energy drink isn’t working.

The art as always is superb, the various artists meshing together better and better with every issue. This unique “jam” style is a major factor in what makes Blue Estate stand out from the crowd, it’s signature look as unique and distinctive as a John Ford landscape shot or a Tarantino foot closeup. Comic art afficionados should get in on it now as we can probably expect this style to be co-opted in future by other creators. Blue Estate fandom will undoubtedly in the coming years become the “I was into them when they just played clubs” of comics art.

(I think that bit made sense. Wrap it up, quick)

In summation:

If you like crime comics, you’ll love Blue Estate. If you hate crime comics, you’ll love Blue Estate.


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