Atomic Robo Volume 6, Issue 4 of 5 Review

Writer: Brian Clevinger

Artist: Scott Wegener

Colourist: Ronda Pattison

Letterer: Jeff Powell

Cover price: $3.50

Published by Red 5 Comics

In a nutshell: Atomic Robo and the gang are relentlessly chased by enemies unknown and are still ignorant as to why.

“We need a convoy…….For Science!” It’s lines like this that make you know that this is a comic that’s going to be a damn fine read.

The action and rush of adventure fills the pages of this comic and fits perfectly. Thrilling shoot-outs, turbo-charged chases on freeways and snappy banter abound in this series. Writer Brian Clevinger has some inspired one-liners peppered throughout the issue and manages to pull them off with style. Keeping the comic fun and pacey. Scott Wegener and co bring their skills to keep the action super-fast and easy to follow.

After 3 issues of keeping us in the dark about the mystery of  “The Ghost of Station X”.  We’re starting to get an idea of what’s happening behind the curtain. The plot seems to be involving a machine intelligence of some sort. The impressive thing about this is how the writer “knows his know” he name checks some science fiction AI’s and some real world supercomputers and it’s things like that which sets this comic apart.

Being the penultimate issue of this current storyline, it ticks all the boxes by setting things up for the big reveal/showdown. The creative team have their work cut out but based on the output they’ve done so far I have every hope they can end this series with style and hopefully a lot of explosions.

Atomic Robo is a comic that’s pure pulpy fun but is done with top class professionalism and obvious joy in what they do. It’s so classy that it’d be rude not to read it.




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