Atomic Robo Vol 6, Issue 1 Review


Atomic Robo is a series that’s hit volume 6 and I’m now going into the world of an atomic robot and his motley crew of adventurers with no idea of their history.
Going in cold my first impression is that the world of Atomic Robo is one that I regret not being aware of earlier. The team dynamic reminds me of the film Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Some quirky individuals who have a love of the unknown but wishing to make the world a better place.

The story that I’ve gleaned from the 1st issue of volume 6 is that there’s a sentient robot who has a team of folks that are like a ramshackle version of Thunderbirds. A nice detail from the artist is the design of Robo’s face as the detailing is done in such a way that adjusting the tilt or angle gives the robot some semblance of expression. A clever artist’s trick but one that is used to full effect here and adds to the fun.

Artist Scott Wegener has a distinct toon-like style that really gels with his writer cohort Brian Clevinger’s pulp sci-fi vibe. Some of the art makes some truly fantastic use of angles to really make the scenes pop and look dynamic. The story moves at a brisk pace and is never murky but still leaves enough mystery as to what is going on in the big picture.

Atomic Robo is the kind of comic that reminds me what the genre is capable of and why I love it. Seeing a mad little concept and how the creators run with it and make it seem as natural and fluid while you read the “funny book” in your hand. It just makes you glad that comics are still one of the few outlets that one can create works like this.

It takes a damn good comic to make me feel both guilty and silly for not being aware of its existence. Atomic Robo is one of them and now I have to get up to speed on the previous volumes. And speed is of the essence as Atomic Robo has gotten off to a flying start with this story.


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